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3 hour Adventure

On this 3 hour trip we run our full kayak tour but have an extra hour to stop at our favourite coasteering spots to explore some incredible caves, otherwise inaccessible areas and do some amazing jumps!

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The 3 Hour Adventure

This is the best trip we offer!

We combine our kayak tour with some coasteering to offer you the ultimate adventure!

Price: £55 per person

Duration: Approximately 3 hours on the water.

Minimum Recommended Age: 12 (we may take younger participants by prior arrangement please contact us before booking)

All under 18s must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Under 16s must share a double Kayak with someone over the age of 16.

What to bring: You must bring suitable footwear that you don't mind getting wet (trainers or wetsuit boots are perfect) 

any medication you may require (asthma pumps, epi-pens etc)


We also recommend bringing a swimsuit, towel, sun-cream and a bottle of water.

What's Included: A highly experienced and qualified instructor, kayaks and paddles, buoyancy aids, helmets and wetsuits if they are needed.

Fitness: A reasonable level of fitness is required for kayaking if you have any illness or injuries that may affect your ability to participate or any concerns about your fitness please contact us before booking.

Weight Restrictions: We use double kayaks for our sessions so you will be sharing with someone else from your group. (we do have a limited number of single seaters for groups with odd numbers) The maximum combined weight must be below 200kg otherwise the kayaks become unstable. If your combined weight is above 200kg please contact us before hand as we can discuss other options.

Things we will do and see:

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On this trip we follow the same route and do everything that we do on the 2 hour Kayak tour including exploring this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where we see stunning rock formations, dramatic sea cliffs and huge caves.

We use double sit-on top kayaks on our trips, we do have singles for groups with an odd number.

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We also get off of the kayaks at our favourite spots to reach areas even kayaks can't get to. This includes caves, secluded coves and some amazing wild swimming spots.

For those that want to there are some amazing jumps along our route too!



You will have the chance to see some amazing local wildlife including various sea birds, curious seals and if we are very lucky we sometimes see pods of playful dolphins.

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