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Thank you for your interest in the activities provided by Trevone Bay Adventures, like with most people and organisations it has been a very challenging time for us so we really appreciate your custom and hope that you have an amazing experience with us.

We have put some new measures in place this year to protect our staff and to protect you, so we would really appreciate it if you could read through this list of guidelines for you to follow so that you can help us to keep everyone safe.

  • Book and pay online

Due to lack of certainty we have decided to turn off the deposit function until further notice, when you book you will not need to pay a deposit however, the week before your activity you will be emailed an invoice for the full cost which will need to be paid at least 48 hours before your session to secure your place, if we do not receive payment in this time and have not managed to contact you, you may lose your place.

Although we can still accept payments at the shop, we are encouraging everyone to book and pay online where possible to reduce numbers going through the surf shop and reduce contact between participants and staff.

  • Health

If you or any of your group/bubble are showing any symptoms of coronavirus or have in the last 14 days please stay away and let us know as soon as possible via phone or E-mail. 

To keep our staff and other participants safe we will refuse to take anyone displaying signs and symptoms of coronavirus.

If possible please let us know at least 24 hours before your activity so that we have a chance to offer your slot to someone else.

If you turn up on the day and we have to turn you away because you are showing signs of having coronavirus then we will not be able to offer you a refund.

  • Hygiene

We will make sure that all of the equipment that you use is disinfected before and after every use, we just ask that before you come to us you wash your hands or use some hand sanitiser, we will provide hand sanitiser before, during (where practical) and after the session for your use however if you have your own please bring it with you.

  • Adhere to social distancing rules

Please make sure you always stay at least 2 metres from your instructor and anyone not from your bubble.

  • Group sizes

We have reduced our capacity to 5 people per session to adhere to the most recent government advice, however we can accept groups of up to 8 people if all the participants are from the same bubble. For larger groups you will need to contact us as the online booking system will only accept 5 participants per session.

  • Participants Ability

We try our best to make all of our activities as inclusive as possible however, please be realistic about your fitness levels and those of your children/dependants. 

To comply with government guidelines we need to reduce the chance that an instructor will have to come within 2 metres of any participants. If someone becomes too tired to swim or paddle this may mean the instructor will need to physically assist them.

We recommend that all participants for surfing, coasteering and the kayak adventure be able to swim at least 50m unaided. Participants on the Kayaking and Paddle Boarding tours need to be confident that they would be able to climb back onto their craft in the event they find themselves out of their depth in the water (this is unlikely on the kayaks but very likely whilst paddle boarding).

We ask that when you book for your children you consider this and make sure that there are an equal number of able adults to the number of children that are likely to need assistance.

There always needs to be a guardian present for any children under 18.

  • Bring your own kit

We will still provide everything you need to come out on a session with us and we are sanitising everything used before and after the sessions, however if you have your own wetsuit (must be full length for coasteering and kayak adventure), wetsuit boots/shoes you don’t mind getting wet, then we encourage you to bring them as it will relieve a bit of pressure from us as we need to make sure that the wetsuits are fully disinfected before they are used.

Please also make sure that you are wearing a swimming costume and bring a towel with you, as we are unable to provide changing facilities this year so you will need to get changed outside under your towels.

  • Let us know what kit you need

Along with a welcome E-mail we will ask you to send us your sizes so that we can get your kit ready, the kit hire is still free with our sessions. This is to reduce the time that we need to spend around the shop where there are likely to be customers looking at the beach shop merchandise and ordering food and drinks from the café.

  • Bring your own water bottle and/or make sure you are well hydrated before your session

In the past our instructors have always carried spare water for anyone that needs it, obviously this is not something we can do this year as it carries a high risk of transmission.


  • Be patient

Like with most organisations we have had to introduce a lot of changes in how we do things to keep everyone safe. This includes booking, equipment sanitising and how we run our sessions in general. We hope that everything will still run as smoothly as ever. If there are any delays in session timings or the booking process then please bear with us, the new measures that we have put in place are to keep everyone as safe as possible whilst still offering the same amazing experiences we always have.


I hope this all seems reasonable to you and I hope that this helps you to feel safe coming out with us, if you have any questions or feel like there is something that we have missed in this letter or any of the other correspondence we have had with you please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do what we can to help and make you feel more at ease.


We look forward to meeting you all soon.


Kind regards


Sam Martinhull

(Owner and lead instructor)

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